Katharina Limbeck


I’m a doctoral researcher at Helmholtz Munich and at TUM under the supervision of Bastian Rieck and Fabian Theis. I am a member of AIDOS Lab researching topological and geometric machine learning and Theis Lab researching machine learning in single cell genomics. My PhD is also part of the Munich School for Data Science (MUDS) graduate school.

My main research goal is to use topological machine learning and geometric statistics to study complex structures in biological data. In particular, I am keen to develop robust computational methods to analyse single cell data across multiple scales of distances.


K. Limbeck*, R. Andreeva*, R. Sarkar, and B. Rieck: Metric Space Magnitude afor Evaluating Unsupervised Representation Learning, Preprint, 2023

R. Andreeva, K. Limbeck, B. Rieck, and R. Sarkar: Metric Space Magnitude and Generalisation in Neural Networks, Accepted at TAG in Machine Learning at ICML, 2023